Why Is Emotional Health Stereotyped as a Woman’s Issue?

The age of social media has seen the normalization of various aspects of life previously considered taboo. A primary example of this is mental health awareness. Instagram and Twitter are overflowing with examples of females (some with large followings) sharing vulnerable stories about their struggles with depression, anxiety, and more. They openly discuss their journey...Continue reading

stuck in a man box

Young Men Say They Feel Stuck in a “Man Box”

Despite the decades-long drumbeat for gender equity, young American men still feel strong social pressure to adhere to traditional male roles to be tough, sexually aggressive and controlling, even though most personally don’t believe in the tenets of old-style masculinity. This disconnect between how they feel they should act and how they say they want...Continue reading

Male Participants Needed for Suicide Prevention Study

Male participants needed for suicide prevention study, see details below.   UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research 2103 Stockton Blvd, #2224, Sacramento, CA  95817   REQUEST FOR STUDY PARTICIPANTS   From:             Anthony Jerant, MD Professor, Family and Community Medicine, UC Davis School of Medicine Principal Investigator, MAPS Study   We are seeking for participation...

Parental Divorce Linked to Stroke in Males

Men with divorced parents are significantly more likely to suffer a stroke than men from intact families, shows a new study from the University of Toronto. The study, to be published this month in the International Journal of Stroke, shows that adult men who had experienced parental divorce before they turned 18 are three times...Continue reading

The end of men in math and science? Could be coming to a college near you.

The Obama Administration just announced their intention to take steps to increase the number of women in college science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors. As the dad of three very smart daughter, I’m all for that. Their stated goal is to expand the use of Title IX, the 1972 law that was designed to...Continue reading

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