Engaging Men in Health: A Holiday Season Challenge

By Broderick Johnson, White House, and Armin Brott, Men’s Health Network As men, we don’t always prioritize our health the way we should. So many other responsibilities seem to come first, such as work, family, or making sure our friends and co-workers can count on us. Those things are immensely important, no question. But too often, we...Continue reading

Is ObamaCare Bad for Men and Boys? Sure Looks That Way…

Despite claims by many that the economy is “turning around” and unemployment is dropping, the fact remains that millions of Americans are in serious financial straits. As individuals, families, and employers look for ways to cut expenses, more and more of them are increasing their health insurance deductibles as a way to save money by...Continue reading

False Positive or False Negative: Which would you prefer?

CHECK THIS POST OUT ON SCRIBD The following post is paraphrased from one of my recent guest lectures. It sparked enormous debate and I was very pleased to see college students taking the initiative to discuss their health among peers. Although the topic was testicular cancer and testicular self-examination, I told the females in the...Continue reading

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