Pro Football Player By Day And Health Advocate By Night

As a professional football player, Dominique Easley (defensive tackle for New England Patriots) is used to being in pain. But his sister, Destinee, wasn’t. When she was 11, she developed fibromyalgia, a condition that affects more than 12 million Americans. It causes muscle or skeletal pain throughout the body, as well as exhaustion, problems with...Continue reading

Redefining Masculinity: NFL Star Takes the Lead

When I hear the term “macho,” sports immediately come to mind, specifically football and the collection of modern day gladiators that play in college and the National Football League (NFL).  These athletes have spent most of their lives honing their skills while simultaneously fortifying their bodies in preparation for physical distress, wear and tear.  One...Continue reading

TBI: Back To The Basics

It’s time to take a step back in order to fully comprehend how traumatic brain injuries impact people differently, from the types of impairment experienced to the severity of the injury. One of the more difficult aspects for people learning about traumatic brain injury (TBI), whether they are a survivor, caregiver, friend, or someone who...Continue reading

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