Stay Active, Stay Healthy: 5 Easy-to-Begin Hobbies to Keep You Moving

Magazines have told you, your doctor has told you, your kids have told you: you have to stay active to stay healthy. But you’d much rather just kick back and watch the baseball game than get your heart beating. As we age, we have to watch out for everything from diabetes to osteoporosis, and an active and healthy lifestyle helps to ward off those and a whole host of other health issues. Whether you’re doing it for yourself, or to be a good example for your kids, grab your water bottle and try out these activities. You might even convince your family to join you.


stay active stay healthyYou’ve been taking your dog around the block for years, but have you ventured much farther? Find a local park or public high-school track, or explore your neighborhood. lets you map out where you want to go. It’ll log your routes and miles, so if you find a particularly scenic route, you can remember it for next time.


You’ll need is a trusty pair of boots, a water bottle and a pair of polarized sunglasses. If you already have sunglasses, but aren’t sure the lenses are sufficient protection, just snag some replacement lenses. Revant Optics carries them for name brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban.

Until you get a bit of experience, stay on well-marked trails and don’t overdo it in terms of grade or difficulty. Stick to hikes within your endurance level, and be sure to check the weather before you head out. No one wants to get caught in a thunderstorm, or be out when it’s unseasonably hot.


This low-impact sport is good for your joints and your lungs. The parks and recreation department in your city will have information about public pools, lap swims and even lessons. Don’t forget the sunblock!

Want to dip your toe in? Start with a modified breaststroke: an outward sweep of the hands performed simultaneously with a frog kick. If the water is for you, and you want to become a better swimmer, consider a YMCA/YWCA membership. With locations throughout the world, it offers a variety of private swimming classes. Work on your front crawl and have an certified instructor critique your stroke.


You don’t have to wear spandex or clip-in shoes to take up cycling. All you need is a bike… though we’d recommend a helmet, too.

Since buying a bike isn’t a casual purchase, test them out before you buy. Find a bike rental shop in your area and take a cruiser out on a spin.

If you love it, consider buying your own set of wheels. has a variety of cruisers for men. Not quite the leisurely cyclist? Consider something more athletic like a road bike or mountain bike. REI will let you test them out around the parking lot before you hand over your hard-earned cash.


This pretzel-inspired aerobic exercise gets a bad rap from hippy-dippy, kale-loving, new-agey folks. But the sport will make you sweat. Yoga is not only relaxing but it focuses on core strength, balance and flexibility.

Grab a mat and start off slow with this stretch: Assume the plank pose — this looks the same as the top of a push-up. Hold for five seconds, then exhale into downward dog. Hold for another five seconds. Repeat this sequence three times.

Want to try more? Look for yoga studios in your area. Or see if a local park hosts classes on Saturday mornings. Daily Burn, an online subscription, offers video yoga classes.

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  1. Harry deCaboApril 24, 2015

    Some people believe that it takes extraordinary effort in order to get healthy. This is untrue. If someone lives a completely sedentary lifestyle, any sort of physical activity will be burn more calories than that person was burning before. The beauty of activities like walking, hiking, and yoga is that they cost little to no money to do. No memberships or extra gear are necessary. Now that warmer weather is descending upon us, there is no excuse to get off the couch and get moving.

  2. Sam DrexlerApril 27, 2015

    These are all great! I bike to work almost everyday to get regular exercise and stay active.

  3. mukebaApril 29, 2015

    I agree with your 5Easy-to-Begin-Hobbies Dr. Armin. Exercise is important to our health. I know this because, not only do I encourage people to consider incorporating exercise into their daily schedule, but I used to be an exercise machine myself. However, over the years I started having knee pain, which is now standing between me and my exercises. I mean I can’t run as fast as I used to, or ball as much as I Want to because of my knees. However, applying one of the exercise options that you provided above, can certainly influence my health in a positive way.

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