child is a brat

Our Child is a Brat–and it’s Your Fault

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a single dad with a 9-year-old daughter who’s with me half the time. Before the divorce, she was a sweet kid and a pleasure to be around. But lately she’s become a terror, throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants—and I think it’s because her mother is spoiling her. How do I deal with her? And what can I say to her mom to get this behavior to stop?

A: As you well know, divorce is tough on everyone involved: you, your ex, and your daughter. And among the many problems divorce creates, one of the most common is children being spoiled by “the other” parent. Typically, the one doing the spoiling is the non-custodial parent who’s making a well-intentioned attempt to buy the kids’ affection or to do something to make up for how hard the divorce has been on them. But the same thing can happen in cases like yours, where both parents have the kids the same amount of time. Here’s what to do:

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