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Kindergarten: Life Starts Now

Dear Mr. Dad: My daughter is starting kindergarten next month. We’ve been talking about how much fun she’s going to have and she’s seems really excited about the whole thing. But here’s where it gets strange: I’m pretty nervous. What can we (the adults) do to get over our nervousness? And is there anything else we can do to get our daughter ready?

A: We all know what a big deal the first day of school (whether it’s preschool, kindergarten, or college) is for kids. But we rarely hear about what a big, nail-biting deal it is for parents. So thanks for bringing it up!

Your excited daughter is in the minority. Kids have been hearing about this mysterious place called “school” since before they could walk. And even though they’re young, they’ve learned from experience to be suspicious of anything that people tell them over and over they’re going to love. As a result, most kids—even though they’ve spent time away from mom and dad in day care or preschool—are plenty nervous.

For adults, the closest equivalent to the first day of kindergarten might be starting a new job in South Africa, a job that you never applied or interviewed for. The language is the same, but the rules and customs are going to be different—and you have no idea what anyone wants you to do.

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