In the Market for Better Health

If you’re not familiar with a farmer’s market in your area, you’re missing out.  The freshest food is grown locally, you can get some surprisingly good deals, and there’s something special about connecting with the people who are growing the food you eat.  Plus, the earlier you get to your food, the more you will benefit from the nutrients it contains.  On recent weekends you could find me walking through rows of freshly-shucked corn, bell peppers in five vivid colors, ripe berries, apples picked the evening before and melons almost too good-looking to eat.  Almost.  And now that tomato season is in full swing, I have some extra motivation to get to my nearest farmer’s market on a weekly basis. 

There are other great ways to enjoy locally grown food, too: consumer-supported agriculture (CSA) provides the opportunity to directly support farmers in your area by “subscribing” to their farm – in exchange you can get a box full of delicious fruits and veggies delivered straight to your door.  If you’re looking for a fun trip out of the city with the kids or friends that also happens to be good for you, consider going to a farm that allows you to pick your own produce.  You may also find some interesting local grocery stores or co-ops that specialize in local crops.  All of these options are a win-win: for the farmers because they get to grow their consumer base, and for you because you get the tastiest, freshest and healthiest food available.  You can get some ideas about great options in your area by starting here:  Happy eating!

Armin Brott

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Armin Brott is the proud father of three, a former U.S. Marine, a best-selling author, radio host, speaker, and one of the country’s leading experts on fatherhood. He writes frequently about fatherhood, families, and men's health. Read more about Armin or visit his website, You can also connect via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Linkedin.
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