How damaging can sun exposure be to the scalp and neck?

A recent posting on has stated that melanoma on the scalp and neck are the most deadly types of skin cancer (click here). This is a big concern for many men who have higher rates of melanoma than women do. Men can be very reluctant to use sunscreen or wide brimmed hats when they are in the sun. Sunscreen is often an afterthought and applied too late to provide proper protection. To help limit the number of people who develop skin cancer, preventative care like healthy sun exposure behaviors should be used. These behaviors should start very early in life and continue throughout adulthood. People need to take more responsibility for their own health. Knowing the A,B,C’s of skin cancer can also be beneficial to you and your healthcare provider. More often than not, even a small spot on your skin can be just as deadly as a large noticeable one. Any changes in moles should be reported to a healthcare provider or physician.

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