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Healthy, Manageable Hair at Any Age

There are many factors that can play a role in how your hair looks, including thickness, manageability, and genetics. A shiny, bouncy mane means you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to remain strong and beautiful. However, as men age, changes in your physical activity, diet and yes, unfortunately, hereditary traits can cause your lustrous hair to break and fall out.


Hair Types

Hair comes in many forms. It can be curly, wavy, straight or kinky. You can also have oily, fine or thick hair. No matter what your hair type you can achieve a manageable head of beautiful hair by using the right hair product for your type. Many men neglect their hair without realizing it. Shampooing is important but, the use of a conditioner should also be a part of your regular routine.

How Hair Grows

Your hair forms well below the scalp and is made of mainly keratinized proteins. It sustains life from a large collection of hair follicles embedded below the skin on the scalp. It begins as a bulb which forms a root and then protrudes, much like a plant, through the skin into a visible hair strand. If the bulb receives the proper nutrients, it produces new healthy hair cells. Small cells that cover every strand of hair are affected by many factors including a proper diet as well as your environment and habits. You can damage your hair through brushing, exposure to weather, blow drying, hair coloring and hair sprays. This can cause you to have an excessive amount of split ends.


The Role of Amino Acids

Amino acids produce keratin and create new red blood cells. They help to deliver nutrients as well as oxygen to the hair follicles. Amino acids are essentials to many other areas of the body. They contribute to the proper function of your organs, bone development, and your skin’s condition. They can also help to improve memory, prevent cold sores and improve your overall health. Consume foods rich in lysine and methionine such as cheese, fish, eggs, lean meats, seeds and nuts. In addition to getting amino acids from your diet, you can also use an amino acid hair treatment to maximize your results.


The Many Benefits of Using Conditioner

A conditioner does exactly as the name suggests; it conditions your hair. It helps to lock in nutrients, keep pollutants out and moisturizes the strands shaft to strengthen the hair. It can also control hair loss. It also helps to reduce the appearance of severe split ends by coating each strand and allowing it to lay flat. This does more than just improve your hair’s appearance. It strengthens the damaged hair making it less likely to continue to split and break. Natural oils applied directly to the hair and scalp can also help to improve your hair’s condition.


Use the Right Conditioner for Your Hair

Since hair comes in a variety of types and combinations of types, it’s important to use the right conditioner for your hair. For instance, if you have oily hair, using a conditioner that contains tea tree oil or menthol will help to remove accumulated oils without stripping your hair and harming your scalp. If you have thick hair try using a hydrating conditioner, and for baby fine hair a thickening conditioner. If your hair is dry and brittle a vitamin enriched conditioner will give you the nutrients it needs to restore your hair cuticles, add shine, bounce, and moisture.


Health and Your Hair

Your hair may be telling a story of your body’s health. Sometimes losing hair is much more serious than you might think. If you’re losing more than the average of around 100-150 strands a day, there might be something else going on. Stress can play a huge role in hair loss. The good news is that if you’ve been under a lot of stress, your current hair loss problem is more than likely temporary. Other things going on in the body such as a malfunctioning thyroid can produce brittle and coarse hair. If this problem continues it’s best to see a doctor and get tested to rule it out.  Just a mild imbalance of the thyroid can cause dramatic changes to your hair’s overall appearance and health.


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