health benefits of gaming

Health Benefits of Gaming

Living today is basically being told one cautionary tale after another about what is bad for your health. We are told ‘don’t do this’ or ‘make sure you only have this in moderation’. However, sometimes, some good news comes along. The latest piece of good news is that gaming is good for you, in a surprising number of ways.

You may be feeling stressed out, or anxious. Gaming can help with this. Studies have shown that it can provide catharsis for those who are anxious, and it has been shown to build social connections in those who are marginalized, and promote wellbeing in the elderly who live in retirement communities.

Playing video games can also be good for your brain more generally, and your cognitive health and performance. For example, gaming has been shown to strengthen the areas of your brain associated with skills such as spatial awareness and planning, and to actually promote the growth of grey matter in the respective areas of the brain. Playing platformers can also promote memory and recall, and video games have also been used in clinical settings to treat attention disorders such as ADHD.

There is also burgeoning interest in how gaming can improve cardiovascular health, particularly in the form of exergames, which are games that you interact with using your body. The Nintendo Wii is a good example, as are games that involve using a dance mat. These games provide an opportunity for new slant on gaming, a way to make exercise attractive for those who possibly are more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle.  It is little wonder that research is ongoing in this area, with the National Institute of Health claiming that exergames significantly increased activity levels in those who were participants of their study. Exergaming could be useful in the fight against increasing inactivity and growing childhood obesity.

To find out more about these amazing health benefits, see the infographic below, from our partners at Computer Planet.

health benefits of gaming

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