Edex: Penile Injection Therapy

penile injectionEdex is a penile injection that is used to treat erectile dysfunction caused by conditions affecting nerves, blood vessels, emotions, and/or a combination of factors. It causes an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse in over 80% of men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of their age or the cause of their problem. Edex is an injectable option for men who do not respond to, or are not candidates for, oral ED medication. An erection occurs anywhere from 5-20 minutes and lasts for about an hour

How does it work? The active ingredient is Alprostadil. Alprostadil is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It works by widening the blood vessels and increasing blood flow into the penis to achieve and maintain an erection

How do you use it? Normally the injection is given just prior to foreplay. But the first injection is performed by a doctor, and is used both for diagnosis and to decide how much medication will be required in the future for that specific patient to have sexual activity. The medication dose for each individual is tailored to the erectile response to the first injection. Most patients find that they get used to the needle sensation over time. The number of injections is not to exceed 12 each month, and should be spaced as evenly as possible (3 times a week, at least 24 hours apart). The site of injection should alternate between left and right side of the penis.

What are the side effects?

  • Most common side effect is mild to moderate dull ache – occurs 5-20 minutes after injection
  • Increased by standing, but subsides when erection is gone
  • It is believed that the ache is due to the potassium present in the medication
  • The alternative for men who can’t tolerate the ache is to use a mixture of penile injection medications – very effective and painless
  • Small bruise at site of injection
  • To prevent bruising, apply firm pressure to injection site for 5 minutes until bleeding stops
  • Small nodule or lump may develop if the same site is injected over and over again
  • Rarely, scarring or plaque of the penis can occur
  • Rarely, curvature of the penis or a prolonged erection can occur
  • Easily reversed when treated

Photo credit: unsplash.com/Changyu Hu

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