Dr. Lutz Speaks On Michigan Institute of Urology’s “Fight Like a Man for Men’s Health” Event

We would like to put the spotlight on Michigan Institute of Urology Men’s Health Foundation as they “Fight Like a Man for Men’s Health” on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at Ford Field from 9AM – 4PM at the second annual Men’s Health Event 20XII. This free event will give men a better understanding of how to stay healthy, free health screenings and information about advances in healthcare.

Kimaya Dixit, Editor, Talking About Men’s Health Blog sat down with Dr. Lutz, a key figure in making this event happen for an interesting chat about the Men’s Health Event 20XII and MIU Men’s Health Foundation’s efforts.

KD: Thank you for joining us today, Dr. Lutz. Can you tell us a little about the Men’s Health Event 20XII taking place on October 6, 2012 and how it first came about?

Dr. Lutz: We had been contemplating hosting an event on a large scale to provide men with services that will help them take better care of their health. There’s a dire need for men’s health advocates in the community and we wanted Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU) to be pioneers in this. It did take a lot of work and energy in putting together the pieces for an event of this stature that is completely free to the community. But here we are, with this landmark event that takes place annually. However, we don’t intend on making this an entirely urology focused event.  We recognize the fact that it is necessary to keep adding services to appeal to a larger crowd and we are actively doing so. MIU’s efforts in creating something substantial for the men in our community has snowballed into the Men’s Health Event that is growing at an extremely fast pace.

This event has been designed to give men a better understanding on how to stay healthy. We offer free health screenings to assess their current health and information about advances in healthcare.

KD: What are some of the free health screenings being offered here?

Dr. Lutz: We have health screenings that cover Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA), testosterone, glucose, cholesterol, vital measurements, BMI analysis, depression, vision, body fat percentage, heart health, gait analysis and much more. Our newest and biggest addition yet is the dental and oral screening. This will include checking for oral cancer and other dental issues. Most people don’t opt for dental insurance in the current period of recession and we expect these screenings to be very popular.

KD: I’m sure people are going to make the most of this opportunity to get their dental and oral screenings done. Are there any other screenings that are particularly popular?

Dr. Lutz: The blood tests are a big hit especially since we deliver the results within one week. Besides this, we also offer follow up services based on their results. If the men aren’t insured, then we find them an organization that can help irrespective of that.

Last year, we also noticed that the bone density test received a lot of traffic. We’ll see how it goes this year!

KD: Speaking of last year, the attendance was just shy of a thousand. Do you expect it to be more this year?

Dr. Lutz: Yes, we do expect to see more people on October 6. A ballpark figure would be anywhere between 1000-2000.

KD: That’s great! How are you spreading the word and reaching out to the community to encourage men in getting themselves screened?

Dr. Lutz: We have been heavily promoting the event. We have public service announcements running. CBS and Fox have been important platforms in reaching a wider audience. Also, we have utilized goodwill industries, churches, Salvation Army and Ford Motor Company to get the word out.

Besides this, it was a strategic move on our part to host the event at Ford Field. This will certainly catch the attention of men and NFL fans.

KD: What made you pick Ford Field, Detroit as the venue?

Dr. Lutz: Firstly, Ford Field can easily accommodate a large volume of people. Last year, the event got very crowded and we ran out of space. That’s why; we believe the size of this venue is the best choice for us. Ford Field being the home of Detroit Lions will also serve as an additional incentive, no doubt!

KD: NFL fans will certainly not want to miss this opportunity to visit the Detroit Lions’ home turf! We heard that you have some other attractions up your sleeve. Give us a scoop on those!

Dr Lutz: Guest speakers include Fox 2’s Deena Centofanti who will live interview U.S Hockey Hall of Famer and former Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios during ‘half time’ activity. Some former Detroit Lions’ players are going to make guest appearances as well.

This year will also mark the first presentation of the Jeff Murri Awards. It was with Jeff that I originally developed this event. He recently passed away and this award will be his legacy. From next year on, the award will be presented to a deserving student from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.  However, this time we are honoring Jeff’s widow with it.

KD: ‘Ask the doctor’ initiative at the event seems like it will be very useful and informative. We’d love to know more about it.

Dr. Lutz: ‘Ask the Doctor’ is something we did not feature last year. We are very excited about it, because it gives you the chance to have one on one conversations with physicians available at the event. This is something unique, especially for men who don’t have access to healthcare or a doctor. These physicians are open to discussing any health issues that individuals may have.

KD: That will benefit men without healthcare for sure. What exactly is the Prescription Disposal Service?

Dr. Lutz: We are providing this service to the community to assist in disposing medicines the right way. Rather than flushing down prescription drugs or using landfills, they now have the option of getting rid of them through us. It takes the burden off their shoulders.

KD: The Michigan Institute of Urology’s Men’s Health Foundation is doing great work for the community. What’s in the pipeline for 2013?

Dr. Lutz: We are looking at more third party events. For example, fund raisers. We will be offering speakership ( by bringing in outside speakers on men’s health0 and help in developing men’s health advocacy events, and we plan on conducting them nationwide. We are here to educate and inform men about their health.  This is where working with Men’s Health Network and Men’s Health Alliance will be crucial.

KD: How do you think partnering with MHN and Men’s Health Alliance will help the community?

Dr. Lutz: It is absolutely vital in giving regional events, a national perspective. Our unified presence and efforts will be doubly effective in educating men about their health.

KD: One last question! Where can we register for the event and get more information?

Dr. Lutz: That’s easy. All you need to do is go to www.TheMensHealthEvent.com for registration and further information.

KD: Thank you for your time Dr. Lutz and good luck with the event!

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