Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

It may not seem quite fair to the ladies, but the overall opinion is that men do lose weight faster than women. Individual results do vary widely based on diet, calories consumed, and level of exercise. Some women can lose weight very quickly while some men struggle. But in general, will you lose weight faster than your female counterpart? The answer seems to be yes, for the reasons below.

Food Preferences

Part of this has to do with food choices. Men tend to prefer proteins such as meat and fish. Especially with the natural animal fats trimmed or drained away, meat is healthier than people often assume. It’s not only a great source of protein but rich in Vitamin B12, which in nature only comes from certain animal product enzymes. Women, on the other hand, seem to like high-carb foods such as baked goods.

Carbohydrates are much more likely to turn to glucose and be incorporated into body fat. This pattern for food choices doesn’t necessarily figure into diet plans. It also makes a big difference depending upon your usage of supplements provided by companies like Xyngular. In most healthy weight loss plans, both sexes should be eating health balanced diets of fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and nuts. Women, however, need to ensure that they’re getting adequate protein.

Muscle Mass

One reason that men seem to lose more weight in the early stages of a diet and exercise program is that men have a higher body proportion of lean muscle vs fat. When your body begins to feel starved of nutrients, it turns first to that extra muscle tissue. In terms of sheer pounds, that may make it seem like men are losing weight much faster. Eventually, however, this comes to a point where the rate of weight loss is about equivalent for men and women following the same diet and fitness regimens. It also has to do with sheer body mass, seeing that men are typically larger than women. But by staying with the program, women can lose weight later on just as quickly as men when measured as a percentage of body mass, not just as total pounds.

Child Bearing

Women tend to have as much as 11 percent more body fat by weight. This is supposedly an evolutionary adaptation to pregnancy, and affects a woman’s metabolism from puberty until menopause. Women tend to retain more body fat than men even if they’re eating relatively fewer calories. A woman may still retain that extra 11 percent of body fat and be perfectly healthy.


One other advantage men have is that extra testosterone. That’s a key hormone for regulating how and where your body fat is stored. Men with low testosterone tend to store and burn fat more similarly to women. Men with healthy testosterone levels will burn fat more quickly than women, all other things being equal. Testosterone levels, however, are similar to lean muscle mass in the process. While men tend to burn fat more quickly, eventually the comparative fat loss between men and women levels off. This often takes place in as little as six months.

Fat Distribution

Men tend to burn fat starting with where they need to lose it most: around the belly. Because there tends to less abdominal fat storage in women, the impact on overall body shape might not be as dramatic. Men will thus appear to be losing more fat compared to women, who tend to store excess weight in more widely distributed areas, especially in the upper thighs and gluteus. Even where weight loss is equal, the effects might not be so obvious with a female as they are in a man. On the other hand, male weight in the abdominal-belly area seems to contribute more to heart stress than fat storage in women.

So as a man, the rule of thumb really is that men lose weight faster, especially in the early stages. Although it does eventually level out as a percentage of body mass, you are getting a good head start.


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