As Your Penis Goes, So Goes Your Heart

If you’re having trouble maintaining an erection, print this post out and make an appointment with your healthcare provider. Researcher in Australia found that men who self-reported severe erectile dysfunction had a 35% increase in the risk of hospitalization for all heart-related diseases, and a 93% increased risk of death—even if they had no history...Continue reading

Sometimes Getting a “D” in Nutrition is Exactly What You Want

Three recent studies highlight growing recognition of the importance of vitamin D. First, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that pregnant women with low levels of vitamin D are more likely than those with normal D levels to give birth to low-birthweight babies. That’s especially important because, babies born at less-than-optimal birth weights are...Continue reading

Nurturing Is For Men Too

Many men in our fast-paced, production-oriented culture have no experience of what being truly nurtured feels like.  Being able to nurture yourself is the heart of renewal. The nurturing process is essential to an open, clear, free mind, as well as being the foundation for a supple, resilient, unstressed physical body, and for emotional stability....Continue reading

Could You Be Twice the Man You Think You Are?

I recently did a post on how parents of overweight and obese children routinely underestimate just how overweight their kids are. A recent study from Ireland has found that overweight adults are at least as clueless (or in denial) about their own weight. And they get less and less accurate over time. Over the course...Continue reading

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