5 Ways Wearable Technology Can Improve Your Health

One in 10 Americans owns a fitness tracker, states strategy consulting firm Endeavour Partners in their 2014 research study. Unfortunately, the study also found that a third of these devices are typically abandoned after six months of use. Fitness tech that doesn’t inspire action or help make a difference in someone’s health is, not surprisingly, discarded. However, recent advancements have provided health-conscious individuals new ways to improve their fitness level and monitor their well-being through the use of highly-interactive wearable gadgets.

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Get an Uninterrupted Workout

An uninterrupted half hour of moderate exercise is the best way to lose those extra pounds. Stop looking at your smartphone every two minutes and stay connected with a compatible watch that can both track your progress and inform you of any incoming calls or messages, suggests Samsung. These watches receive notifications straight from your phone via an app so you can stay connected when you’re on the treadmill. For instance, the Samsung Gear Fit lets you reply to messages, control alarms and even comes with a heart rate sensor that tracks your individual progress.

Keep Your Stress Level Low

Spire is a wearable device that reminds you to breathe when you’re stressed, reports PCMag. According to the official Spire website, this gadget is designed to be close to the body and must be worn on a belt or bra strap. The device warns users when it’s time to relax and practice a few breathing exercises. It also is possible to set deep breath reminders to keep wearers mentally focused and balanced throughout the day. Additionally, Spire can count the number of steps taken and estimate the amount of calories burned. At the moment, Spire is only compatible with iOS, but there are plans to make Spire for Android.

Detect Your Heartbeat

If you’re not a fan of watches or clip-on fitness trackers, have your earbuds detect your heartbeat instead. Intel has designed earbuds with sensors that measure your heart rate when they’re in use. Plus, these smart listening devices can select your music based on the intensity of your workout. In other words, these earbuds can detect if you’re taking a relaxing stroll and want to listen to classical tunes or have revved up your workout routine and want your music to match. Intel Smart Earbuds also come with a smartphone app that keeps track of your run miles and assesses your fitness level. There’s also no need to charge these earbuds since they harness energy directly from the audio microphone jack.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Of course, wearable technology isn’t just for improving your physical health. For example, Misfit’s Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor is a wearable sleep monitor that helps you track your sleep. With just a few taps, the Shine will begin tracking how much time you spend in deep sleep versus light sleep, explains Tom’s Guide. Knowing if you’re tossing and turning all night is the first step to sleeping better and improving your overall health.

Improve Your Eating Habits

Wearable tech that focuses on healthy eating is quickly becoming a reality. The Bite Counter is a watch-like device that counts the number of bites the user takes per day by tracking wrist motions. This way you can set a bite limit per day. And for those that try to cheat, The Bite Counter will sound an alarm each time an unauthorized bite is taken.

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