5 Unique Ways to Get Fit in 2015

The top resolution on many people’s 2015 list is the same as it was last year: Lose weight. But a lot of these same people have already done the gym thing or the home DVD thing and were less than completely satisfied. Fortunately, there are a variety of unique options to get fit and slim down. Here are five that can make keeping this year’s resolutions a lot easier.

Hike Away Your Pounds

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Trekking a hiking trail offers a chance to connect with nature and calm your mind. Depending on how many calories you want to burn, you can either run at a fast pace or walk at a slower rate. Most trails outline the difficulty of the terrain, laying out potential hills, level of exertion and the general rigor of the hike. This workout allows you to build your cardiovascular skills, as well as strength train. You can choose to hike alone, with your spouse or the entire family.

Burn Calories by Reaching Heights

Sometimes people want an air of adventure to their fitness regime. An elevated trapeze class offers modified circus equipment for those who want to become daredevils and burn calories at the same time. This cardiovascular workout focuses on upper body strength and core and avoids the monotony of the elliptical machine or treadmill. Flying high in the air, you reach and build arm strength as you leap from one bar to another. This will definitely put the adventure into your fitness routine and offer a renewed attitude on exercise.

Shed Extra Inches by Hunting

Why not shed extra inches while navigating the outdoors? Hunting mandates that you are quick on your feet, builds core strength and muscles in your arms and legs. Prior to taking up this alternative fitness activity, make certain that you meet the state requirements in obtaining your hunting license by taking a hunter education course. This is an activity that is perfect for a father-son duo or a group of friends who enjoy the outdoors and have a love of hunting.

Calm Your Mind and Lose Weight with Aerial Yoga

Many people love practicing yoga in the gym, through classes like Ashtanga, Bikram and Flow yoga. The newest trend is to practice aerial yoga, where participants are strapped to a hammock of sorts and suspended enough to do various poses. It helps with flexibility and offers a new twist on the typical yoga practice. If you are in a fitness rut, this workout will definitely challenge your body and senses.

Jump Your Way to a New Body

Do you think pouncing on trampolines is only for kids? Trampoline jumping is a great full body workout that offers a chance to increase your heart rate and work your legs. Mini-trampolines take up very little room and you can do this routine in the privacy of your home or venture to an organized class. It is a fun way to include cardio into your exercise routine without getting bored.

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