5 New Ways Men Should Take Care Of Themselves

The male body is almost always gonna undergo a lot of strain. More is expected of men when it comes to physical strength and stamina. Living up to this expectation, however, can be extremely taxing on the physique. If you feel like you’re just not cherishing your body enough, then here are five new ways that you should take care of yourself. Each of these will ensure optimal energy and lasting good health, no matter how demanding life becomes.

Start Reading Labels
Women have long been the primary shoppers in the home and thus, most health news concerning the navigation of supermarket aisles has been specifically targeted for the female demographic. However, the prevalence of food products that contain lengthy ingredient lists makes it necessary for more men to start reading before they buy and consume. Food with excessive amounts of preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals will not benefit the body. Surprisingly, health bars, trail mixes and other so-called nutritious snacks are  among the worst culprits in terms of food toxins. Men must start selecting more nutrient-rich meal starters and snacks if they are to reach optimal health.

Alternative Energy
While a few energy drinks are certainly marketed for women, the majority of these formulas are designed for and sold to men. They promise stamina and vigor, but they are almost all loaded with sugar, sodium and numerous chemicals known to negatively impact the body. Rather than reaching for energy drinks, men should start seeking out lean high-protein foods, increased exercise and other, healthier means for gaining a bit of extra pep. Many natural ingredients, such as ginseng, have been shown to do wonders for energy. How about a glass of iced tea?!

Nourish The Brain
Of all the organs that men are most likely to invest a bit of extra energy into caring for, the brain seems to rarely receive any nourishment. It is only in later years that they begin to consider the threat of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s as a real danger. The best forms of prevention, however, start early in life. Smoking cessation, moderate alcohol intake and regular physical activity will all benefit the brain. Foods like pecans, salmon and blueberries should be regularly consumed to ensure the delivery of nutrients to this organ.

Take Baby Aspirin
Regular use of baby aspirin is a great regimen for heart health. It only takes one of these tiny pills each day to help stave off heart attacks and stroke. Because this simple dosing schedule will prevent major clot formations, the earlier an aspirin regimen is started, the more effective it can be. Never try this with regular aspirin though, and be sure to speak with a doctor before beginning any routine like this.

Safe Sex
Safe sex means much more than just using condoms. Taking the time to get to know your sexual partners and their sexual histories is an essential part of optimal prevention of STDs. It is also important to remember that genital herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases can be passed from partner to partner through oral sex just as they can through penetration. Thus, condoms should be worn when there is any sexual contact whatsoever. Safeguarding your body is the only way to avoid lesions and both viral and bacterial infections. This can only be ensured by being more careful about who you share your body with and how well you protect yourself when doing so.

Men are becoming increasingly concerned about their personal health. Luckily, there are many more tools and resources available for males who want to enjoy better nutrition and increased preventative maintenance than there were in years past. Taking advantage of these things is essential for living a long and healthy life in the modern world. Those who invest in proper self-care early on are certain to enjoy their physical health far longer than those who do not.

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