22 discipline ideas part 2

22 Discipline Ideas That Really Work. Part 2

Last week I introduced the first 11 of my 22 field-tested strategies for disciplining toddlers. Here are the remaining 11.

  1. Get down to your child’s level. When you’re talking to your child—specially to criticize—kneel or sit. You’ll still be big enough that he’ll know who the boss is.
  2. Don’t lecture. Instead, ask questions to engage the child in a discussion of the problematic behavior: “Is smoking cigars okay for kids or not?” “Do you like it when someone pushes you down in the park?”
  3. Criticize the behavior, not the child. Even such seemingly innocuous comments as “I’ve told you a thousand times…” or “Every single time you…” gives the child the message that she’s doomed to disappointing you no matter what she does.
  4. Reinforce positive behavior. We spend so much time criticizing negative behaviors and not enough time complimenting the positives. Heartfelt comments like, “I’m so proud of you when I see you cleaning up your toys,” go a long way.

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