welcome back, woody

Welcome Back, Woody

I missed him. He has been the heart and soul of The Turek Clinic since it’s inception. Early on, this line-drawing-of-a-man graced the landing page of our website. He was also featured in several real-life vignettes in which men just happen to find themselves from time to time. In a word, he is the “average Joe,” doing the best he can and just trying to make it.

Separated at Birth

And he’s back. You can catch us talking on our new website, and we certainly have a lot to catch up on. Funny thing is, for the longest time, everyone thought that I was Woody. Makes sense, we have the same part in our hair, we both wear ties and we both have big eyes and funny noses. But, just as Woody watches out for others as thegood and decent man that he is, I watch out for him.

Not Older, Wiser

Truth be told, he never really left. Over the last 5 years, Woody simply assumed a lower profile, adorning T-shirts, stickers, brochures and hanging out on the blog. And he was very busy being featured on the Clinic’s hand made cards sent to hundreds of patients with new, little family members.

But he’s different now. Older? Not really. Wiser? Absolutely. He seems, well, more empowered. Clearly, he has become more comfortable in his role as a “good buddy,” a guy who makes it easier for men to relate to the toughsexual health issues that they face in life. He walks the walk with them, because, in the words of Gwyn Thomas, “…the beauty is in the walking.” Welcome back, Woody!

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