Using Sex as a Bribe? Women Do It—and So Do Men

We all know that women can and do sometimes use sex as a kind of bribe (not that anyone’s complaining). sex for choresResearchers put the portion of women who’ve done it at 65%. The same research also found that 11% of men use the same technique to reward good behavior (again, you’re not going to find anyone grumbling about being taken advantage of). Here are the top five reasons women and men give for putting a price on sex.

Top 5 Common Reasons Women Reward With Sex

  1. Helping around the home – 38 %
  2. Thank you for a gift/ treat – 34 %
  3. Looking after family members/children – 28 %
  4. Cooking a meal – 21 %
  5. Playing taxi – 19 %

Top 5 Reasons Men Reward With Sex

  1. Watching sport – 35 %
  2. Helping around the home – 31 %
  3. Playing taxi – 29 %
  4. Looking after family – 22 %
  5. Allowing a night out with friends – 17 %

Armin Brott

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