Turning the Page to a New Chapter

I am about to embark on a new stage of my life. It will no doubt change me; my lifestyle, my thought processes, and even the way I view the world. Hopefully for the better. It will certainly be difficult at times, and even though I knew what I was getting into, I won’t be able to fully grasp it until fully engrossed. I am beginning medical school.

We are defined by major events that change the way we go about our lives. Marriage, a child’s birth, a relative’s death, a relocation, the beginning of a new year. More than just altered routines, these changes allow us to step back and re-prioritize our life efforts. These moments can also give us the opportunity to examine our balance (or lack thereof) of a healthy lifestyle.

I know that the medical education is one of the most time-intensive and grueling professional pursuits. Post-graduate medical residency is even more taxing with 36 hour shifts, 80 hour weeks, and a salary equal to that of an entry level position, though health reform recognizes the perils of physician sleep deprivation and aims to reduce these obligations over the coming years (you didn’t think I’d go the whole post without a health policy reference, did you?). Because of these requirements, I am acutely more aware of the need to keep a healthy and active physical and mental balance through a proper diet, sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and the support of my family, friends and new colleagues. It is probable that I will even have to pencil these activities into my schedule to be most efficient with what little free time I have, but I will make this extra effort to my benefit.

And so, my new life begins and will never again be the same. How do you balance your joys and obligations? What important aspects may you be neglecting? I invite our readers to make similar ‘reality checks’ at future crossroads that you may encounter, and to appreciate that personal well-being is a dynamic pursuit in a perpetually changing life.

Armin Brott

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Armin Brott is the proud father of three, a former U.S. Marine, a best-selling author, radio host, speaker, and one of the country’s leading experts on fatherhood. He writes frequently about fatherhood, families, and men's health. Read more about Armin or visit his website, mrdad.com. You can also connect via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Linkedin.
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