The Juice Illusion

As we sit down for family meals every day, it’s commonplace to serve the kids a cold glass of OJ with waffles, sweet apple juice at snack time or share a delicious smoothie as a treat – BUT did you know that by swapping whole fruits and veggies with juice each day provides the family with overwhelming amounts of fructose sugar, unhealthy sweetener and additional calories? Put down that glass: experts at nationally recognized Pritikin Longevity Center have found that even “100% juices” are high in sugar content and can provide up to 2-3x the sugar and calories as whole fruits.

The infographic below, “The Juice Illusion,” visually outlines the differences in calories, nutrients and sugar obtained from consuming whole fruits vs. fruit juice, uncovering the real truth behind fruit, juice, losing weight, and your health. Aside from the infographic, there’s a ton more great health info at the Pritikin site.

The Juice Illusion_Pritikin Longevity Center

Armin Brott

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