The Benefits of Being Short (No, Not in That Way…)

Tall men earn more money and have sex with more women than short men do. So if you’re shorter than 5’9″, it might be natural to be a little jealous of all those extra dollars and sex partners that tall men manage to pull in. But be careful what you wish for: being tall may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

For example, while having sex with more women might be nice when you’re young, most men eventually want to settle down. Because they don’t date as much, shorter men tend to get tall vs short menmarried when they’re a few years older than tall men. But according to a recent study done at New York University, short men–in this case under 5’7″–are 32 percent less likely to get divorced than average-height men. They also have sex more often. Yes, you read that correctly. Short men get lucky more often. There are, of course, a number of possible explanations for that, but one likely candidate is that short men do about 50 more minutes of housework per day on average than tall guys. They don’t call it choreplay for nothing.

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Armin Brott

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