prostate active surveillance

Prostate Cancer: An Aggressive Approach to Active Surveillance

“Active surveillance” is becoming increasingly common in the diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate cancer.   Richard Watson ran a successful company producing electric radiant heating systems and authored a handbook for his field, traveling as far as China to discuss international standards. He  raised five children and had three grandchildren. He enjoyed playing...Continue reading

Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer? Know Your Options

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in younger men, aged 15 through 35. Luckily with early detection and treatment, about 96-99 percent of patients with testicular cancer survive this diagnosis and remain cancer free for 5 or many more years after. Even when testicular cancer is caught in more advanced stages, the cure rate is...Continue reading

Joe Torre-Led Campaign Informs Men about Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

In partnership with prostate cancer survivor and baseball Hall-of-Famer Joe Torre and Genomic Health, Men’s Health Network ( is pleased to participate in the Your Prostate Your Decision patient education campaign. This nationwide effort aims to educate prostate cancer patients and their loved ones that every man is different and every cancer is unique, and...Continue reading

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