Masturbation: Part 1 – Let’s Talk About It

Few things are enjoyed so much, reviled so much, lied about so much, performed so much, or ignored so much, as masturbation. The topic rarely fails to spark an emotional and visceral response; laughter, disgust, titillation, arousal, awkward silence, denial, even fear. It’s no wonder that people never really talk about it. For centuries society...Continue reading

Chronic Conditions and Medications That Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction often refers to different symptoms in men and women, yet can share similar underlying causes.  In women, it is often characterized by low sexual desire or various disorders including sexual arousal, orgasm, and sexual pain.  In men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is just that: difficulty getting or keeping erections sufficient for intercourse.  ED is...Continue reading

A Dozen Questions You Need to Be Asking about Your Sex Life

By Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement Lifelong sexual vitality is something everyone wants, but it’s not a sure thing for many people as they age.  Desire can decline given many different factors, including diet and environment and there can be physical impediments, as well. But my wife, Anna Maria, and I have devised several...Continue reading

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