A man’s guide to prostatitus

What is prostatitis? Quite simply, it is a prostate infection. This condition involves inflammation of the prostate, the small walnut shaped male gland that produces seminal fluid. The direct causes of prostatitis are not fully known by the medical community, but some of the theories include past bacterial infections, irritation from urine back up, lower urinary tract issues,...Continue reading

7 Reasons Your PSA May Be Elevated

Prostate cancer An elevated PSA could indicate prostate cancer. If you have an elevated PSA, your doctor will also do a digital rectal exam to see if there are any suspicious lumps present on the prostate gland. If they suspect prostate cancer, a prostate biopsy will be recommended. It’s also important to monitor any changes...Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Chronic Prostatitis

Everybody talks about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer? Why doesn’t everybody talk about the diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis? Prostatitis is loosely and simplistically divided into acute and chronic classes. Acute prostatitis is very often young man’s bacterial infection; it is usually easily treated with antibiotics. Acute prostatitis can...Continue reading

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