Seeking Solutions for Health Disparities

Advances in medicine and technology provide opportunities for millions of people to live longer, healthier lives – but only if they actually respond well to the therapies and can use them in ways that take into account their particular circumstances. Sadly, many people in certain racial and ethnic groups aren’t seeing the full benefits of healthcare advances. April...Continue reading

How to Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction

A wide variety of treatment options are available for male sexual dysfunction. You and your doctor will decide which treatment is best for you based on any number of factors. The National Institute of Health has approximated that 5% of 40-year-old-men between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old-men experience erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis. However, more commonly...Continue reading

Protect Your Eyes: Celebrate Healthy Vision Month this May!

Did you know an estimated 61 million Americans are at high risk for serious vision loss? Or that every 13 seconds, someone in the United States goes to the hospital for a sports-related injury? Our eyes are not always top of mind, but they’re important! May is Healthy Vision Month, an observance coordinated by the...Continue reading

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