Spiderman, Spiderman, Wherefore Art Thou Spiderman?

As you might remember from my last posting, I dug into a topic about the current status and struggle of masculinity in the American male psyche.  So when I came across an interesting article about a recent presentation at the most recent meeting of the American Psychological Association, I felt compelled to write a bit...Continue reading

Sadly, the Luck O’ the Irish Doesn’t Protect Against Drunk Drivers, STDs, Early Death (Or Anything Else for That Matter)

Since it is indeed St. Patrick’s Day and this is a forum for discussing Men’s health you could probably have guessed that the message today would be about the dangers of alcohol consumption.  However, hopefully I can avoid being too stale and provide you with some new information and just enough caution to cause you...Continue reading

The Real Reason You Need a Vacation From Your Vacation is Because You Never Actually Took One

Imagine an extremely prevalent addiction that can almost guarantee a slew of health problems such as heart attacks, ulcers, strokes, insomnia, anxiety attacks, and depression. Then envision that it can in many cases lead to early death, suicide, and/or secondary addiction to drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication. Sounds awful, right? What if I told you...Continue reading

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