hospital hygiene

Three Hospital Hygiene Strategies That Can Help Protect Your Home from Germs

Fighting germs is a high priority for hospitals. One in 25 hospital patients pick up diseases that are carried into facilities by other patients, a University of Chicago study has found. To combat this, hospitals deploy an impressive array of effective techniques. The latest is using germicidal robots, which immerse hospital rooms in ultraviolet radiation....Continue reading

Cleanliness is Next to Nothing: Five Things You Need to Check Before Getting a Tattoo or Piercing

Tattoo and piercing shops are not like they used to be. Far from dark, seedy little holes-in-the-wall of the past, today’s shops are well-lit, open, and almost run-of-the-mill. Shops are regularly inspected and monitored by the local health department so there is a certain level of clean that needs to be maintained in order for...Continue reading

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