alcohol limits

How Much Is Too Much? Why It’s Important to Know Your Limits with Alcohol

Imagine showing up at your friend’s house to watch the big game, and there’s no beer in sight. That would be an anomaly, wouldn’t it? Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture that most social settings seem bare without it. So you have a beer. And then another. From here, the most important question is...Continue reading

When it Comes to Minorities, Improving Men’s Health Improves the Health of the Whole Community

With the launch of President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative in 2014, many of the issues facing young African American men suddenly hit the front pages. However, there has been an unfortunate tendency to look at African American men’s health issues as narrowly affecting only that particular group. The reality is quite different. Health problems...Continue reading

Being Obese in Your 20s Can Cut Your Life Short–by a Lot

We all know that being obese increases your risk of developing all sorts of potentially deadly health conditions, including blood clots, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and more. Most people think that those risks might reduce your lifespan by a few years—apparently not enough to shock overweight and obese people into changing their behavior. But new...Continue reading

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