Fatherhood with Klinefelters

What’s the most common definable cause of azoospermia among infertile men? Here’s a hint: it’s also pretty common in general, occurring in 1/500 male births. Answer: Klinefelter syndrome. Men who have it possess an extra X chromosome in every cell in their bodies. It’s inherited, and about equally so from mothers and fathers. The fact is that most men don’t know about...Continue reading

Artifical Insemination: More Than One Way To Get Pregnant

Artificial insemination is a method of impregnating a woman who has not had any success the old-fashioned way due to infertility on her partner’s behalf or because she doesn’t have a partner. There are numerous other reasons why this method of producing a pregnancy is chosen. Artificial insemination or AI is a procedure that was borrowed from...Continue reading

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