rock of infertility

Looking Under the Rock of Male Infertility

Raise your hand if you looked under rocks as a kid. What’dya remember finding? Moist dark soil and interesting little critters skedaddling away is what I recall.  Earth’s underbelly, teeming with life. Infertility Awareness The theme of this year’s National Infertility Awareness Week is “Flip the Script.” Be a voice, break the silence, advocate, pledge and help build awareness...Continue reading


Techniques to Enhance Men’s Fertility Treatments

Andrology is a branch of medicine that is concerned with diseases that are specific to males, in particular, the reproductive organs. Andrology focuses on androgen use and abuse, prostate diseases such as prostate cancer, sexual dysfunctions, and testicular disorders such as testicular cancer. Below are some of the ways andrology nurses track their patients’ fertility...Continue reading

Male “Prenatal” Vitamins: More Than Just a Pill

For how long have women been taking “prenatal” vitamins? Maybe a decade? Nope. A link between vitamin deficiency and pregnancy outcomes was postulated 70 years ago! And studies showing fewer neural tube defects in babies following maternal folic acid supplementation are now almost 40 years old. Indeed, prenatal vitamins have become a clutch player in the world of preventative medicine....Continue reading

The Role of Sperm DNA Fragmentation in the Evaluation of the Male Fertility Patient

DNA is the genetic information contained in all cells, including sperm.  Intact sperm DNA is necessary for normal egg fertilization (1, 2). Sperm that has DNA with breaks in the strands is abnormal, and is called “DNA fragmentation” This may cause sperm to function poorly and is not measured by the standard semen analysis. There...

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