fatherlessness and divorce

The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids

Attorney Robert Franklin recently said: “The terrible effect of fatherlessness on children, including when they become adults, is the single greatest social ill we face. And yet we promote it – actively promote it – as a matter of public policy.” Worse still, it’s done to benefit a wealthy special interest group. Family law is a $50 billion industry...Continue reading

do this if you want love to last

The One Thing You Must Do If You Want Love to Last

Love has been a complicated presence in my life from the very beginning. My parents had been trying, unsuccessfully, to have a baby for many years. My mother was finally able to get pregnant through a procedure of collecting and injecting my father’s sperm into her womb (a procedure that was “experimental” seventy-plus years ago)....Continue reading

platonic parenting

What’s Platonic Parenting and Could It Work For You?

There are many ways to have a happy, healthy family that fall outside of the traditional nuclear family unit. Today’s diverse social climate and advanced technology have expanded the definition of family, reminding us that family is a matter of love, connection and care — rather than simply blood and marriage. Children need parents who...Continue reading

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