Mother’s Day Thoughts: Being the Best as a Caregiver When There’s Breast Cancer in the Family

By Romana Hasnain-Wynia, MS, PhD While it’s thoughtful to give flowers to your wife or mother on Mother’s Day, we know that you support the women in your family year-round. Being supportive can be particularly challenging when a woman you love is facing a serious illness, such as breast cancer. What can you do to...Continue reading

Partners in Prostate Cancer

A great time was had by all at the recent Prostate Cancer Tweet Chat hosted by the Urology Care Foundation. Having two of my football sports heros, Marcus Allen and Mike Haynes, involved in the chat really energized the conversation and certainly made it a personal highlight of this year’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Best Weapon Yet Another highlight from this Chat was...Continue reading

Prostate and Breast Cancers Are More Similar Than You’d Think

It’s rare to find the words “prostate cancer” and “breast cancer” in the same sentence. After all, one (prostate cancer) affects only men. The other affects mostly women. But despite their differences, the two diseases actually have a lot in common, particularly in the way those diagnosed with either one evaluate their options and make...Continue reading

Does Your Spouse Have Breast Cancer? You Need to Know This (and So Does She)

Over the past decade, women who’ve received a dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer, have tended to choose mastectomy (removal of the breast)—even in the case of small or early-stage cancers. However, women who combined a lumpectomy (removal of only the tumor) with radiation had significantly higher survival rates than those who opted for the mastectomy.Continue reading

False Positive or False Negative: Which would you prefer?

CHECK THIS POST OUT ON SCRIBD The following post is paraphrased from one of my recent guest lectures. It sparked enormous debate and I was very pleased to see college students taking the initiative to discuss their health among peers. Although the topic was testicular cancer and testicular self-examination, I told the females in the...Continue reading

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