Fighting for Health Equity Year ‘Round: National Minority Health Month

April is National Minority Health Month, making it the perfect time to focus on the often-significant disparities in health and wellbeing that affect racial and ethnic minorities across our country. But it’s important to remember that these inequities exist every single day of the year, not just in April. What do we mean by “disparities”...Continue reading

Researchers compare ways to offer mental health services to underserved communities

A search in the iPhone app store for “mindfulness-based stress reduction” produces a seemingly endless stream of applications devoted to meditation.  But do they work as well as having a live person with whom you can interact on the other side of the screen? A study funded in 2020 by Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute...Continue reading

African-American men at higher risk for prostate cancer

African-American men have the highest risk of developing prostate cancer, compared all other races. A study from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Pennsylvania suggests that there are specific genes that may indicate aggressive prostate cancer in African-American men. The researchers believe that their results may partially explain the reason for ethnic disparities in prostate...Continue reading

When it Comes to Minorities, Improving Men’s Health Improves the Health of the Whole Community

With the launch of President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative in 2014, many of the issues facing young African American men suddenly hit the front pages. However, there has been an unfortunate tendency to look at African American men’s health issues as narrowly affecting only that particular group. The reality is quite different. Health problems...Continue reading

Weight Training Is Especially Beneficial for Black Men

In previous articles we’ve talked about the health disparities between men and women and how men live shorter, less-healthy lives than women. We’ve also talked about how men of color—especially African-American men—have even worse outcomes than other men (on average, Black men don’t live long enough to collect Social Security). In this blog, we’re always...Continue reading

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