Can Making Eggs Help Us Make Sperm?

Forgive me for talking about eggs during Men’s Health Month, but this one is too good to pass up. It was announced to the world recently that a woman just delivered a child after natural conception. And the news here is….? A First Among Eggs Ok, there’s a catch. The newborn baby came from eggs within an ovary that...Continue reading

How a Frankenpenis Helps Medicine

First heart transplants and now penis transplants! Maybe it’s the ocean air, maybe the bucolic African terrain, or maybe it’s the hardy souls who live there, but South Africa has done it again. The first working interhuman penis transplant. Urination? Check. Sexual function? Check. A veritable functioning Frankenpenis. Big Cojones Christiaan Barnard performed the first...Continue reading

Meaningful Moments from 2014

What a year! 2014 was certainly one of exploration and adventure and I am not just talking about the stock market, the Affordable Care Act or oil prices. In the realm of men’s health, here are some personal highlights: Testosterone comes under attack. The “elixir of life” for men became tainted with FDA warnings of associations with heart...Continue reading

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