Fellas, Open Enrollment Starts Today—Everything You Need to Know About Health Plans in 2019

Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and NFL Sundays aren’t the only things happening in November. Today kicks off the annual open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. With it brings a slew of options for millions of Americans shopping for health insurance for 2019.  But are you confused about where to buy insurance on...Continue reading

Engaging Men in Health: A Holiday Season Challenge

By Broderick Johnson, White House, and Armin Brott, Men’s Health Network As men, we don’t always prioritize our health the way we should. So many other responsibilities seem to come first, such as work, family, or making sure our friends and co-workers can count on us. Those things are immensely important, no question. But too often, we...Continue reading

A Laymen’s Guide to getting Health Insurance on the Marketplace

Whether you plan on enrolling through the Health Insurance Marketplace this year or not there are a few key points everyone should be aware of. These points include the deadline to enroll for 2015 health coverage, the Special Enrollment Period, and the penalties for anyone without coverage. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act...Continue reading

IPAB on the way out?

The Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, may be on the way out. Patient groups are celebrating the potential demise of the Board, established by the Affordable Care Act. IPAB was created to make decisions about payments for medical treatments, deciding what will be paid for and what will not. This might be acceptable...Continue reading

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