Snack Healthy On The Road

With the 4th of July and summer upon us, it’s time for some fireworks and road trips. A big holiday like this calls for heading out with friends and family, be it to picnics, concerts, barbecues in the backyard or a long road trip to a happy family reunion. Being out of the comfort and familiarity of your own kitchen can throw off your healthy diet (assuming you are following one, and if you aren’t why not start anyway?).

Eating is a big part of your summer adventures. And it’s virtually impossible to find a healthy restaurant with nutritious offerings when you are on the road. Obviously, you can’t avoid eating, so planning ahead will play a big key in sticking to your diet.

A good alternative to pigging out in fast food restaurants is keeping healthy snacks at hand. This saves you time, money and calories. As soon as you start getting those hunger pangs, just reach into the glove compartment of your vehicle for the pre-packed goodies that will get you up and running again. Usually, low-fat granola bars are a hit, especially with kids. Wouldn’t it feel nice to munch on a snack without the guilt of piling on excess calories?

If you are a frequent fast food restaurant visitor, then it’s time to change that habit. Take a moment and make a list of healthy foods to substitute fattening snacks. Stock up your car with these items the next time you visit a grocery store.

Always keep in mind the calorie count and serving size. You don’t want to end up eating more calories than necessary thinking that you can eat as much of this snack as you want because it’s healthy. Usually, snacks come in boxes/bags that contain multiple servings. Avoid carrying perishable items that will go bad in the heat. Also, you want something you can store and forget about.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you get started:
•    Low sugar/Low fat granola or protein bars
•    Trail mix
•    Mixed Nuts
•    Peanuts
•    Whole wheat pretzels
•    Sesame sticks
•    Whole grain crackers
•    Soy snacks
•    Dried fruit
•    Whole grain breakfast cereal
•    Muesli
•    Sunflower seeds
•    Cheerios (especially for kids)

That’s a wide range of snacks to choose from. Be mindful of what you eat when you are on the move. Drive carefully, eat wisely.

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