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Simple Steps to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it requires months of consistency and conviction. A healthy lifestyle, though challenging when first starting out, has innumerable benefits and truly enriches your mind, body and soul. It isn’t enough to take on a short-term diet or sign up for this month’s workout fad. Instead, wellness should be viewed as an alternative style of living – a true lifestyle change. The following bullet points will empower you to form better daily habits, and to take charge of your wellness, today.

Eat This, Not That

Healthy eating is the first and most essential step to a well-balanced lifestyle. Try to incorporate food from each food group on a daily basis (remember that moderation is key), so as not to deprive yourself of proper nourishment. Listen to your body – when you’re hungry, eat. When you’re not hungry, don’t eat. Practice self control when it comes to portion size or going back for seconds. Make an effort to replace fatty, salty or overly sugary snacks with different types of fruits, nuts or protein. Explore the vegetable kingdom and reacquaint yourself with all the options and flavors. Remember, when it comes to your diet, consistency is key. Get creative and find inspiration from different recipe options online. Websites like Eat Well provide endless ideas for meal time, including printable grocery lists to help you make the right choices. Eating healthy on a budget? No problem. Grocery stores like Sprouts offer inexpensive organic items and meal options.

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Work it Out

Diet isn’t the only component to living a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating a regular form of exercise can improve every facet of your life. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising on a regular basis not only regulates your weight, but also fights against certain types of diseases and cancers, all while improving your mood and your sex life. While you might be fully committed to working out, committing to a gym (and the membership fee) isn’t necessary. Instead, easily incorporate your daily workout by getting your heartbeat up at home. There are endless online options and tutorials, much like the exercise videos you can stream from Gaiam. Rotate your workouts as often as you like; from yoga to pilates, the options are endless.

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Find Your Center

For thousands of years, people have been practicing the art of meditation, or “transcendental consciousness.” Though there may not be as much academic research on mediation as there is for dieting and exercising, turns out all the hype is true. Regular mediation can help to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Additionally, meditation may help you to achieve a greater sense of self, concentration and performance, and also help you to better retain information. Decompress after a long, stressful day by devoting 10-20 minutes to meditation. Anchor your mind and completely relax. Consider selecting a mantra and chanting it slowly while taking deep, soothing breaths. Avoid any distractions and use the time to focus on just yourself.

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Patience is a Virtue

Like all good things in life, healthy living requires time and diligence. Be patient with yourself and stick with it. Seek encouragement and support from friends and family. Get inspired by one of the many food and fitness blogs available online. Keep a diary of your progress, or document your own meals via a blog or online journal.

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