Pregnancy Fraud: The Latest Scam

It’s entirely possible that I simply don’t understand women. Actually, it’s more than just possible—it’s almost certain. But can someone explain why some women feel the need to entrap men into relationships? One time-honored approach is for the woman to convince the guy that she’s pregnant. The hope is that he’ll be a stand-up guy and will marry her. That kind of thing has been happening for thousands of years, but the latest version is especially disturbing.

women selling positive pregnancy testsHere’s what’s going on. Women around the country are using Craistlist to sell positive pregnancy tests. Some of the ads talk about using the tests to “prank” others. But most try to duck the ethical problem by saying something like, “I don’t care what you use it for.” Uh, really? The purpose is pretty clear to me: Either rope in or punish some unsuspecting guy. In some cases, the transactions are handled like a secret drug deal. “My husband will be the one meeting for the exchange… Must be in a public location near LAX.” The price? I saw listings on at least half a dozen Craigslist city sites and the cost ranged from $10 to $40.

women selling positive pregnancy testsSome women are taking the deception a step (or a mile) further, actually offering “[p]rofessionally edited ultrasound image (with your name, hospital, and date).” $55 for the first image, $35 each for the next two images.

Back to my inability to understand women. Why do so many go into relationships thinking they’re going to change the guy? And why do so many feel the need to entrap? Honestly, does anyone really want to be in a relationship with someone who has to be tricked into it?

Armin Brott

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