Now Let’s Get This Right: Coca-Cola Might Actually Be Good for You?

coke dissolves rare but dangerous bowel blockageIn a bit of news that’s got to be baffling nutritionists and medical professionals around the world, Coca-Cola has emerged as a very effective treatment for a rare (but potentially dangerous) type of bowel obstruction.

Greek researchers at Athens University analyzed the results of two dozen scientific papers and found that 90 percent of those suffering from a phytobezoar (which sometimes happens when seeds or fibers get trapped in the intestines) had successfully used Coca-Cola to dissolve the blockage.

Lead researcher Dr. D. Kamberoglou wrote, “Coca-Cola administration is a cheap, easy-to-perform and safe procedure that can be accomplished at any endoscopy unit. Moreover, lavage can be offered at bedside or even patients may drink the beverage at home.”

As to why Coca-Cola works? Kamberoglou and his colleagues suspect that “its acidity—similar to that of the stomach contents, is thought to be important for fibre digestion.” In addition, “iIts effervescence may also enhance the dissolving mechanism.”

Oh, in in case you’re counting calories, Diet Coke produces the same results (although we’re not sure about Coke Zero).

Armin Brott

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