Music: The Healthy Addiction

Music can heal the mind, body and soul by playing or listening or both.  While the full benefits are still being studied and explored, enough studies have shown conclusively that music has both positive and negative effects on health and well-being.
These same studies have also determined that it doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to or play just as long as it’s music you like.  There is no right or wrong answer on the best type of music for health benefits unless it’s music that you just don’t like.
One thing to remember is that while music helps heal, listening to music you don’t like can have the complete opposite effect.  It can stress you out, raise your heart and blood pressure and put you into a bad mood.
Using Music to Relax or Workout
It’s because our music likes are tempered by events, preferences and experiences in our lives that have caused certain feelings and memories to invoke whether good or bad.  That moment causes us to like or dislike a certain song or type of music.  It’s why some people can relax to heavy metal and others need classic.
One trend researchers have noticed is that upbeat music is better for exercising and slower paced music is better for relaxing.  The more predictable structure of the slower tempo song, allow the brain to relax more which winding down because the music is easier to listen too.
Scientists have noticed as much as a 15% increase in workout power and endurance increase by those who listen to upbeat songs.  People actually worked out harder and faster without noticing they are putting more effort into the workout when listening to music.  In fact, most people believed they were working out with less effort because they were distracted by the music.
Playing with Your Emotions
Music plays with the emotions and can tug on the heartstrings.  Everyone listening to music has been struck at some point by music “chills.”  These chills generally happen when a certain song or tune affects you in a manner that causes the body to release dopamine, the natural feel good chemical in the body.  It’s this feeling that we strive for and become addicted to while listening to music.  It’s also this feeling that helps us feel less stressed.
The Physical Health Benefits
Listening to music works by reducing stress, lowering anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.  You feel a stronger sense of well-being while listening to music you like which is why the body calms down.  In turn, this protects the body and your mental health.  Your entire mood can be changed just by listening to your favorite music.
Another huge side effect of listening to music is the healing powers it offers to the body and mind.  Because the mind is distracted with the music, releasing its feel good chemicals and lowering stress, anxiety, heart and blood pressures, the body heals faster and the person notices less physical pain.  This side effect is good for everyone, especially for those suffering from a life threatening issue such as cancer.
Music offers a better quality of life to all exposed to it.  It also offers the freedom of self-expression and is a form of communication for people to bond over.  Those listening to music on a daily basis are blessed with more happy emotions and feelings about life and a huge stress reduction.  Music just has a way of lifting the heart and soul, which in turn leads to a more positive lifestyle and habits.  Music is a healthy drug for the mind, body and soul so make sure you get your fix daily.
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