Laser Hair Removal: Not Only For Women

The general perception about laser hair treatment is that the solution is only suitable for women. However, men can also take advantage of this safe procedure and avoid the hassle of repetitive measures such as using hair removal creams and waxing and shaving extra body hair.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, excessive hair growth can be termed as hirsutism: male pattern growth due to hormonal problems or hypertrichosis, excessive body hair growth in random or normal patterns due to malnutrition, hormonal imbalances or metabolic disorders.

The source also considers laser treatment as effective for both males and females to combat hypertrichosis and hirsutism compared to temporary solutions.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a survey on patient satisfaction following LHR treatments. The survey participants, including 9 males, favored the procedure compared to other treatment forms. Also, all the patients were positive on recommending the treatment to other patients suffering from unwanted hair problems.

Why men shouldn’t shy away

Laser hair removal treatment is effective for men because it provides a solution for the entire body – whether its removing unwanted hair on the back or getting rid of the tufts across the chest area. The lasers integrated in most modern solutions have a high level of precision so they don’t damage the skin while putting an end to the hair follicle.

The laser solution is quite painless and convenient compared to something like electrolysis. In the latter, the hair follicles are destroyed using electric current, and the process involves the practitioner inserting a needle into the treatment area followed by a low-intensity current. The solution however is applied hair by hair and therefore is stressful and time consuming as opposed to the laser option.

Some additional benefits of laser treatment for men include:

1. Reduction in discoloration

Extra ingrown and hairs and itching after temporary removal treatments can result in hyper-pigmentation, which can cause discoloration. However, the laser procedure can permanently cause a reduction in the total number of hairs, which means there will be less discoloration post procedure. Lightening creams can be used to treat the discoloration that is present later on.

2. Reduction in long-run expenses

Hair removal through laser is generally thought of as an expensive option, but actually it leads to a reduction in long-run expenses. This is because for most men and women who undergo the procedure, there is no maintenance required after the first few treatments, which means there isn’t any investment required compared to the ongoing expenses of temporary procedures.

3. Gentle in nature

Laser hair removal is gentle in nature and some resources provide a system that makes use of dual laser technology, which provides customized results for every type of skin. The state-of-the-art laser technology is used to target different areas with excessive hair and then controlled heat energy is released for gentle destruction of the follicle. Some people even report an increase in comfort when undergoing this procedure.

4. Smooth skin texture

Regrowth can’t be avoided. However, hairs that regrow after waxing or saving are rough in nature, but in the case of laser removal, the skin appears to have a smooth texture after treatment while the hair is paler and finer.

5. Reduction in Keratosis Pilaris

Also termed as chicken skin, Keratosis Pilaris is skin condition that causes unwanted hair growth around the triceps. Though the laser technology treatment doesn’t permanently cure this condition, it yields positive results by reducing the extra hair growth and the susceptibility of the skin to papules and follicularis formation. The reduction leads to an overall cleaner area around the triceps.

6. FDA-approved results

For those who question the authenticity of laser treatments, the procedure has an approval stamp from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The authority source also reveals that this procedure has been used in dermatology-based treatments for more than a decade and apart from hair removal, it has also been used to treat acne, wine stains and other types of blemishes.

Final verdict on laser treatments for men

Laser treatments can provide great convenience to males and can significantly reduce the cost and time required in removing unwanted hair. It can translate into increased confidence, less time wasted, and increased savings.


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