Got hair? If not, you’ve got an increased prostate cancer risk

Researchers at the University of Toronto just published findings that showed that bald men who had prostate biopsies were more likely to have tumors than their harrier brothers.

“Bald men should be aware that they may benefit from being screened earlier and perhaps, if necessary, from being biopsied sooner,” said lead author, Dr. Neil Fleshner.”In the study, the more bald people were, the more likely they were to have prostate cancer. We’re 95 percent sure this is real.”

Before you panic, please remember that this study doesn’t show that baldness causes prostate cancer or vice versa. It’s just that there may be a connection. It’s likely that the same underlying issue is responsible for both. Some researchers suspect that the culprit may by an androgen (a group of male hormones which includes testosterone) called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT makes follicles shrink, which eventually leads to hair growth stopping. At the same time, DHT has been linked to development of prostate cancers.

So if you’re losing your hair, ask your doctor whether you need more frequent prostate cancer screening

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