Going Veggie May Reduce Prostate Risks

Flavonoids—a compound found in fruits, herbs, tea, vegetables, and other common foods—have long been known for their health benefits. And now, a new study has found that flavonoids may also reduce the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer in men who eat a lot of them.

The study, carried out by Susan E. Steck and her colleagues, analyzed data from 920 African-American men and 977 European-American men who had already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The men who at the most flavonoid-rich foods were 25% less likely to develop aggressive cancer than those who ate the least.

In a statement, Dr. Steck said that, “Incorporating more plant-based foods and beverages, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and tea, into the diet may offer some protection against aggressive prostate cancer… Filling your plate with flavonoid-rich foods is one behavior that can be changed to have a beneficial impact on health.”

Interestingly, there didn’t seem to be any specific, individual food the produced the most protective results. So it looks like eating a wide variety of flavonoid-rich foods is best.

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