Four Skills Every Man Should Possess

Being born a man is a matter of chance, but being a real man is a matter of knowledge and skill. Geohive reports that, of the 6.89 billion people in the world, there are about 60 million more men. There’s a lot of men on the planet, but what separates “the men” from “The Men” are the knowledge of these skills that have defined manliness for eons:

Build A Campfire

Building a roaring campfire is more than just knowing how to rub sticks together — that just gets your tinder going. To really create a campfire worthy of roasting marshmallows over is an art form. Survival Ebooks offers an extensive chapter on Firecraft based on terrain, available material, weather and countless other conditions. However, for most campers the knowledge of a simple “tepee” fire will do: First arrange your tinder and kindling into a pyramid shape like a tepee, then ignite the tinder in the center. As this structure burns down, the logs on the outermost portion will collapse inward to feed the flames. This is such an effective method that it will even work on damp wood.

Throw a Punch

A real man never engages in unnecessary fisticuffs, but you never know when you might be left with no option but to throw a punch. Scientific America reports that the average person throws a punch with about 40 kgs of force, whereas amateur UK boxer Ricky Hatton can hit with 10 times that force — clearly technique makes a big difference. To throw a truly powerful punch, twist your body at the waist in the direction of your punching hand and drive your dominant foot down into the ground like you are squishing a cockroach. The rotation will add power and velocity, just like swinging a baseball bat is more powerful than poking something with it.

Fix A Vehicle

Ancient man didn’t have combustion-powered vehicles, but you can bet he needed to know how to fix the first wheel. If you don’t know the first thing about fixing and maintaining your own motorcycle or car, you are going to rack up tons of mechanical bills in the long run. From installing replacement parts in the garage to changing the oil, a good man knows his way around mechanics. He can buy the right parts and fix the broken ones, and learning the basic in-and-outs of your own car will not only save you a bundle of easy repairs but also impress all of your less manly friends.

Save A Life

Knowing how to bandage a wound or perform CPR can save a life when proper medical attention isn’t available or won’t arrive until it is too late. A study published in the Danish medical journal “JAMA” found a direct correlation between survival for people suffering from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and CPR performed by trained bystanders. Knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver, CPR and basic first aid cannot be faked, so bone up on basic first response techniques or take a CPR class. If you are lucky, you won’t ever have to use it.

Armin Brott

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