Four Fun and Fearless Father-Son Adventures

As most dads of teenage boys know quite well, the teen years can have their share of ups and downs. Although most dads would love to spend some extra special quality time with their sons in order to stay connected and close, they might not be sure what to do. While heading out to a ball game or grabbing a pizza and watching TV together are enjoyable enough, dads may feel like they have “been there, done that” and want to try something new and more exciting.

With this spirit of adventure in mind, the following four father-son trips will provide both generations with plenty of thrilling fun while also giving them some great time to bond:

Go hiking in Yosemite

The John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada is an outstanding choice for father-son duos who love to get out for some serious hiking and backpacking, Ask Men notes. The 200-plus mile trail winds its way through some amazing scenery, far away from the lure of iPhones and video games. Since there’s not much to do out on the trail other than walk and talk, it can be a great way for dads and sons to re-connect out under the open sky. Of course, you don’t have to head to Yosemite for a fearless hiking adventure that spans several days; use Google to research hiking trails in your state and plan a day trip to a location you’ve never hiked before.

Get adventurous in the Canadian Rockies

For father-son duos who love a good adrenaline rush, Trevor Morrow Travel notes that the Canadian Rockies offer some amazing mountain towns and activities perfect for some fearless adventure. Tourism Golden features the perfectly-named Adrenaline Package, with white water rafting, paragliding and an ATV ride through the rugged area. For dads and sons who want something even more adventurous, they can pay a bit extra and skydive instead of paraglide. For dads who want to experience this type of rush with their sons but don’t have the funds for an extended trip to Canada, they can still find plenty of similar activities closer to home — many states have paragliding or skydiving schools where fathers and sons can have a blast experiencing the thrill of the wild blue yonder.

Go fly fishing in Montana

If time and money allow it, fathers and sons who enjoy a good day of angling should head to Noxon, Montana. Located in the northwestern part of the state, Noxon is near both the Flathead and Kootenai rivers, which are both renowned for their outstanding fly fishing. Standing in the water or on the shore while catching fresh salmon and trout is an experience both father and son will be sure to remember forever. Depending on what part of the country they live in, dad/son duos might also be able to experience fly fishing closer to home; all that is needed is a quiet lake or stream, some hungry fish, and the desire to be together.

Experience Baja California on a motorcycle

For fathers and sons who love riding on two wheels instead of four, Baja Offroad Tours offers some amazing and thrilling motorcycle adventures. But dads don’t have to take their sons all the way to Baja for some memorable time on their motorcycles — they can sit down together and map out a special ride near home that involves some thrilling twists and turns and rugged scenery. Before they head out on their motorcycle adventure, dads and sons can also be sure they are properly prepared with the right gear and helmets; online stores like BikeBandit carry all the accessories and needed items that will help make sure a father-son motorcycle adventure is as safe as it is memorable.

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