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Five Easy Ways to Workout with Your Kids

Parents and caregivers have a lot on their plate. Not only do they have to mentor, cook, clean, monitor, and provide, but they also have a responsibility to themselves to take care of their physical health and mental wellbeing. But carving out time for a solo workout is challenging, especially when the kids are home.

Fortunately, there are ways to include children in your physical fitness regimen so that you don’t have to sacrifice your workout time. By involving children, you can fit in bouts of exercise throughout the day, while instilling within your little ones healthy habits that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

This Monday, we’re encouraging you to move it with your kids. But where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of physical activities that parents and kids can do together.

Take a Nature Walk

Getting outside and taking in some fresh air is invaluable. A walk through nature stimulates all the senses and is a terrific way to get moving. If your child is not at the age when they are walking comfortably, take a mid-day break to push the stroller around the neighborhood.

Do Fun Yoga

Requiring only a few square feet of space, yoga is the ideal indoor-exercise. Yoga’s low-impact movements are good for people of all ages and ability levels, and the poses, which often have fun names, are sure to keep younger children interested and engaged. This Monday, try winding down with a family yoga session.

Make It a Dance Party

Turn up the stereo, throw on your favorite dance track, and get moving and grooving with the whole family. Dancing is like exercise in disguise; you can get your heart rate up, expel excess energy, and burn some calories in 10-15 minutes. Want to add to the fun? Set up a virtual dance party, and recruit other friends/family to dance along with you.

Turn Commercial Time into Exercise

Watching television with your young one? Bypass boring commercial breaks by turning them into brief bursts of exercise. Get up and do some jumping jacks, body squats, or plank position. Fitting in fitness throughout the day is an excellent way to stay active while at home.

Visit the Playground

A playground offers opportunities for the whole family to work up a sweat. While the kids are busy swinging and sliding, you can use the playground equipment to develop your own circuit routine.

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