Exercising: There Is No Need To Wait

Lifestyle is an important part of staying healthy. Most men say that they do not have time to exercise because they are balancing a family and long hours at work. Others say that exercise is boring and they do not want to pay for a gym membership. All these are excuses because a person can exercise almost anywhere, it is easy to make time to exercise, there are ways to exercise for free, and it is necessary for your overall health.

Exercise is necessary because it helps your body stay in its prime condition. Your core muscles are the stabilizer muscles of the body. By working these muscles out you can improve posture and reduce the risk of having lower back pain in the future. Cardio is necessary for heart and lung health and it is critical in the weight loss process as it burns calories. Our bodies were made to move and below are exercise that can keep your body moving through the day.

At the office

You spend a large amount of your day at work and though it seems impossible to input exercising into your schedule, making small changes can benefit you in the long run.

  1. GET ACTIVEWalking. Instead of an elevator ride to your floor use the stairs, instead of emailing a coworker just walk to his or her desk, but don’t annoy them, and if you are driving to work park further away from the door to get more steps in.
  2. Switch out a traditional chair for a stability ball as you are using you core muscles to keep yourself upright.
  3. Work your arms by using a weighted stapler or tape dispenser at your desk to do bicep curls. You can also work those arms by doing triceps dips.
  4. Stretching every so often at work is useful as it will keep your muscles from tensing up.
  5. If your job provides access to a gym use half of your lunch break to eat and the other half to exercise or eat while you are working and exercise during your lunch break.

At home

After a long day at work you would like to go home, relax, and probably watch some TV, but with all TV watching, there are commercial breaks. The best part of commercial breaks is that you can get a quick workout in. Here are some things you can do:

First commercial break

Do a mix of push ups and planks to work your arms and core muscles.

Second commercial break

Alternate between running in place for about 30 seconds and doing burpees (pushup, jump the feet to hands, jump up, bring hands down for push-up and repeat) for about 45 seconds.

Third commercial break

Do lunges and air squats and if this is not intense enough for you, add in a jump and do jump split lunges (which is just adding a jump as you come up from a lunge) and jump squats.

All of these exercises are quick and easy to do within the timeframe of a person’s busy life. The first step is taking the initiative and starting. As you age and start a family you want to be active in your kids’ lives, whether it be playing games and sports with them or dancing at their wedding. Exercising now can also lead you to becoming an active grandparent. Remember exercising is not just for your personal gain but for all the people that you love.

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