Even More Distracted Driving

Dear Mr. Dad: A few weeks ago, you had an email from a 13-year old whose mother talks on the phone. You should have told the child to rat her mother out to the cops. The mother is endangering her own life, her daughter’s life, and innocent bystanders’ and drivers’ lives. The 13-year old should send a note to the cops saying that her mother constantly talks and texts while driving, and give them her license plate, description of the car, and where she frequently drives. The mother needs a ticket.

A: As a rule, I think kids should talk to their parents before ratting them out. But since the girl already tried talking, you and many other readers who wrote in with similar suggestions are absolutely right: the mother (and anyone else who texts or talks on the phone while driving) needs a wake-up call. Better an expensive ticket than a tragic car crash.

I also got emails from drivers (and children of those drivers) wondering whether listening to the radio or audio books is a problem. The short answer is yes, but it’s nowhere near as bad as texting or talking.

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